2020 – Year of the Turtle – Saving Turtles Together

By David Hedrick

The Turtle Survival Alliance was born from the concept of “Saving Turtles Together”—building a global community working to prevent the extinction of turtles and tortoises. Now more than ever, these partnerships are the key to successful conservation and research. This year we are partnering with the Tennessee Aquarium and Peppermint Narwhal Creative, who have spearheaded an outreach and education effort; together with a large group of zoos, aquariums, and conservation organizations collectively declaring 2020 - Year of the Turtle!

The Tennessee Aquarium is celebrating their new “Turtles of the World” gallery opening next month. Through a series of four large exhibits, guests will encounter turtles from two of the world’s biodiversity hotspots: Southeast United States and Southeast Asia. After exploring these naturalistic habitats, visitors will see a new turtle nursery. For the first time, the Aquarium’s efforts to raise hatchlings of threatened and endangered species will be brought into a public space. Alongside the species Aquarium experts have been rearing will be baby turtles from around the world on loan from the Turtle Survival Alliance. The Tennessee Aquarium has always been a strong supporter of turtle conservation and the TSA, and we are excited to partner with them to show visitors hatchlings of some of the World’s most endangered turtles.

We will also be teaming up with the Aquarium on multiple Year of the Turtle events throughout 2020! Look for us at the Member‚Äôs Night event for the opening of the ‚ÄúTurtles of the World‚Äù gallery where we will raise a glass together for several ‚ÄúScience on Tap/Drink Beer. Save Turtles.¬Æ‚Äù events in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  More information on that coming soon!

Learn more about the Tennessee Aquarium and 2020 - Year of the Turtle HERE, and watch the VIDEO HERE!

Join the party by following these hashtags on social media! #2020YearOfTheTurtle #Turtles2020 #YOT2020 #SavingTurtlesTogether

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