Monitoring Movements in the Meta River

Acoustic Transmitters & South American River Turtles:

To increasingly close gaps in knowledge and reveal some of the mysteries that surround the South American River Turtle, a WCS/TSA Colombia team started installing acoustic transmitters in a group of individuals, to monitor their voyages and movements in the Meta River, the first time this technology is used in Colombia to study the species.

The team is working in Casanare, Vichada and Arauca, within the activities of Proyecto Vida Silvestre, in alliance with Fundación Omacha and Turtle Survival Alliance, with support from Ecopetrol, Fondo Acción and the Santo Domingo Foundation. It is led, in the field, by Mónica Nieto, who is working on her research for her Master’s degree in Biology at the Universidad Nacional, with science advice from Germán Forero, Science Director at WCS Colombia. Read more on this project from WCS Colombia HERE.