Art Auction for the Turtle Survival Alliance's Tortoise Conservation Center in Madagascar

Radical Radiated, an original art quilt, has been crafted and donated by Joanna Ellis to raise funds for the rebuilding of the Turtle Survival Alliance‚Äôs Tortoise Conservation Center (TCC),  our central base of operations in southern Madagascar.  The TCC is the linchpin in TSA‚Äôs effort to restore depleted populations or Radiated Tortoises with animals seized from the illegal trade and to ultimately prevent their extinction from the wilds of Madagascar.  On September 26 a devastating fire ripped through the TCC‚Äôs headquarters and knocked out solar power and left four senior staff homeless.  We must rebuild quickly and restore essential operations at the TCC.

This landscape art quilt was made in 2019 and consists of a large image of a Radiated Tortoise surrounded by rocks, sky, trees, and shrubs. The quilt measures 17.5” x 23” and uses a layered technique of organza on cotton with extensive thread painting and fabric paint. It was crafted using raw edge machine applique, fabric painting, machine quilting, and machine embroidery.

A ¼” solid black border, and a 1” border of paint and organza on cotton, frame the quilt. The backing is batik, in yellow, orange, and green, with an integrated hanging sleeve and rod. Photos show the front and the back of the piece.

Bids begin at $1,000.00. Bids will be posted in the comments section at the bottom of this page. The auction will close at Midnight on November 18th.
Please share the auction with friends and colleagues, tortoise art for tortoise conservation!