Construction and Community Outreach at the TSC

by Christine Bowie 

A siginificant milestone was reached last week at the Turtle Survival Center (TSC). The Center welcomed its 200th turtle for the year bringing the total number of animals at the Center to 508 individuals, representing 34 species! To accommodate the growing collection, the team continues to plan, design and build new enclosures.

The largest project that is currently underway is the Cuora Complex. This area will be home to some of the TSC's rarest species of the genus Cuora. The project began by first identifying the ideal location. Once the perfect site was located, the area was cleared in preparation for a concrete pad. With the pad in place, the team was ready to lay drainage pipes and enclose the area before filling it with dirt. The next phase of the project includes installing shallow ponds, planting trees for shade, providing additional areas for hiding or basking and erecting a security fence. Stay tuned for more updates as the project continues!

TSC staff members Nate Haislip and Carol Armell recently participated in a community outreach event at Cypress Gardens. The 170-acre preserve and garden attracts visitors from across the country to its beautiful bald cypress swamp and peaceful foot trails. Every month, Cypress Gardens invites all of the residents of Berkeley County to visit the park and get to know their neighbors. This month, TSC staff attended the event and brought along turtle ambassadors from the Center. The turtles were a hit with both kids and adults alike and gave Nate and Carol the opportunity to engage residents in the conservation efforts that were happening right in their backyard!