Construction Continues at the TSC

by Heather Lowe 

Dirt continues to fly at the Turtle Survival Center (TSC), with a multitude of new construction projects and renovations happening concurrently. The veterinary clinic at the Center received a full face-lift recently, knocking out walls and reconfiguring the space to make it much more usable and accessible. The lab has been enlarged and outfitted with a new utility sink. The quarantine space in the clinic has also been expanded, which will allow one of the existing animal holding rooms to be converted to an X-ray suite. Electric power is also being upgraded to accommodate the Center's new digital X-ray machine that will greatly expand our on-site diagnostic capacity.

The outdoor Forest Complex has been completed and turtles that were being held in temporary enclosures were moved outside, where they could fully enjoy late summer in the South Carolina low-country. Species in this area include Beal's Eyed Turtles (Sacalia bealei) and Impressed Tortoises (Manouria impressa).

A new greenhouse is also being built that will house two species both endemic to Sulawesi: the Forsten's Tortoise (Indotestudo forsteni) and the Sulawesi Forest Turtle (Leucocephalon yuwonoi). The greenhouse itself was completed earlier this year and Phase One is currently underway on the interior as staff level the ground in preparation for moving in equipment and turtle enclosures. Our goal is to have the building fully functional and housing animals by November.

Stay tuned for further updates!