Construction Continues at the TSC in 2015

by Christine Bowie 

2014 was a huge year for the Turtle Survival Center! Some of the biggest highlights include the completion of two new turtle habitats; the Sulawesi Greenhouse and the Forest Complex, the renovation and upgrade of the veterinary clinic, plus infrastructure modifications which will allow for even more growth.

The team is kicking off another ambitious year with even more construction projects to accommodate the growing collection which now numbers more than 500 individuals representing 34 endangered species.

Currently, staff is hard at work building the Cuora Complex. This new area will house the TSC's rarest species (from the Genus Cuora) and will include different types of habitats to meet the needs of various species. In anticipation of spring, another exciting project is underway: a juvenile rearing room! This location will be home to all the turtles that hatch at the TSC and will be equipped with tables for growing tortoises as well as a shelf system that can accommodate both terrestrial and aquatic species.

The shelf system has many benefits, one of which is allowing for an easy way to provide necessary UV light to each turtle. The installation of a filtration system for the aquatic species will be essential for both the care and efficiency of maintaining a potentially large number of hatchlings at one time.

In addition to new projects, the team will continue to upgrade existing animal areas. One example is the remodeling of some of the TSC's larger turtle ponds which house species such as Vietnamese Pond Turtles and Red-necked Pond Turtles. The team plans to construct concrete waterfalls with recirculating filtration, which will not only look great but will save time and effort in the long run in terms of keeping water quality top notch. And this is just the beginning!

Stay tuned for more updates on the progress at the TSC.