Dr. Terry Norton Joins the Team at the TSC

by Heather Lowe 

Terry.NortonThe TSA is pleased to announce that Dr. Terry M. Norton has joined the TSA team as consulting veterinarian for the Turtle Survival Center (TSC) in South Carolina. Terry has long been associated with the TSA and was one of the vet practitioners that worked with us during the big Hong Kong confiscation in 2001-2002.  Dr. Norton lives just ‚Äúdown the road‚Äù in Georgia and brings to the TSC a wealth of experience with reptile and exotic animal medicine. Over the years, Terry has provided veterinary care for White Oak Conservation Center, Riverbanks Zoo, North Carolina State Zoo and the Wildlife Conservation Society‚Äôs St. Catherines Island Wildlife Survival Center. He developed and implemented the Georgia Wildlife Health Program, which has evaluated the health of many state and federally listed species including sea turtles, alligator snapping turtles, diamondback terrapins, Barbour‚Äôs map turtles, gopher tortoises, box turtles, eastern indigo snakes, eastern diamondback and canebrake rattlesnakes, eastern king snakes, American alligators, American oystercatchers, brown pelicans and marine mammals. 

Currently, he provides veterinary care for the Georgia Sea Turtle Center and St. Catherines Island Foundation programs. He is the Director and Founder of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island.  In the words of TSA President Rick Hudson, ‚ÄúTerry brings a standard of excellence and level of professionalism to the TSC that are unmatched.  He is a highly skilled and accomplished chelonian vet ‚Äì one of the best in my opinion. It was a very fortuitous set of circumstances that brought us back together and we are delighted to welcome him to the TSA family.‚Äù