Enough Food for an Army!

by Jordan Gray 

With so many hungry mouths to feed, we must ensure all of the nearly 10,000 Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) seized from wildlife traffickers receive proper nutrition. To do this, each day, hundreds of pounds of food is purchased, delivered, and distributed to the thousands of tortoises being cared for at the SOPTOM-CRCC's "Village des Tortues" and our TSA-Itampolo facility!

The tortoises are fed between one to two times daily on a rotation of various types of green vegetation. This hefty food quantity and rotation provides them not only with full bellies, but also with different nutrients—important for their recovery and long-term health. And, with most of the tortoises displaying vigorous appetites, even this quantity of daily food is quickly devoured!

We at the TSA can't thank all of the supporters around the world enough. Your contributions directly ensure each tortoise receives the nutrition they need for their survival! To help aid us in this relief effort, including the purchase of the hundreds of pounds of daily food needed, please consider DONATING TODAY!

Photo credits: Jordan Gray

Juvenile Radiated Tortoises feed on sweet potato leaves.

A bounty of mustard greens awaits being fed out to the thousands of tortoises.

Juvenile Radiated Tortoises aggregate around piles of sweet potato leaves.