Home Sweet Home!

by Heather Lowe 

TSC_Closing_1It's official! Rick Hudson (TSA President) and Scott Davis (TSA Executive Director) traveled to South Carolina on Monday, January 21, to sign the papers and officially purchase the Turtle Survival Center.

To achieve our goal of zero turtle extinctions, we have long recognized the need for a dedicated center to build up robust captive populations of species that are critically endangered and that face an uncertain future in the wild. With the purchase of the Turtle Survival Center (TSC), we are on the verge of something truly transformational for the TSA and believe that in a short time the TSC will help guarantee the survival of a number of high priority species.

There are still opportunities to support this exciting initiative, as we move forward with renovation and daily operations of the facility. Please click here to learn more about how your gift can make a difference for some of the world's rarest chelonians. To date, we have raised $808,806 of our total goal of $1.6 million.

Volunteer opportunities will be available in the near future for those that are interested in contributing their skills to the renovation of the new facility. Please keep an eye on the TSA newsletter and Facebook page for more information as it becomes available.

TSC_Closing_2The TSA would like to thank the individuals and organizations that have pledged their support thus far, helping to make our dream a reality: A Taste of Thai, Ab Abercrombie, Abilene Zoo, African Safari Wildlife Park, Allan Sutherland, Andrew Blaser, Andrew Luk, Audubon Zoo, Baton Rouge Zoo, Beardsley Zoo, Bergen County Zoo, Beth Walton, Bill Dennler, Bob Olsen, Brett Stearns, Brevard Zoo, Brian Bolton, Bruce Weber, Cat MacGregor, Chelonian Research Foundation, Classic Escapes, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, Columbus Zoo, Dallas Zoo, David Shapiro, David Simon, Dennis Coules, Desert Tortoise Council, Detroit Zoo, Diane Allison, Dickerson Park Zoo, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Donald Sean Henderson, Donna Day, Dwight Lawson, Ed Neil, El Paso Zoo, Ellen Trout Zoo, Fagus Foundation, Faith Connelly, Fort Worth Zoo, Frank and Kate Slavens, Frank Watrous, George Meyer, Gregg Miner, Harley Wallace, Harvey Langabeer, Heart of Illinois AAZK , Henry Vilas Zoo, Houston Zoo, Howard Johnston, Ilyssa Gillman, International Animal Exchange, Jackie Litzgus, Jacksonville Zoo, Jacqueline Spaulding, Jacqueln Smith, James Murphy, Jay Allen, Jeffrey Lang, Jenkinson's Aquarium, John Iverson, Judy Wheatley, Kansas City Zoo, Karen Wright, Kelley Allred, Kristine Schad, Kurt Buhlmann, Lee Richardson Zoo, Los Angeles Zoo, Matt Frankel, Michael Christianson, Moody Gardens, Nancy Moysiuk, National Aquarium in Baltimore, Noble Creek Biological Consulting, Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo, Patricia Koval, Peter Reed, Phoenix Zoo, Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Reginald Hoyt, Riverbanks Zoo, Ron Tremper, Sam Rivera, San Antonio Zoo, San Diego Zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo, Shelley Rank, St Louis Zoo, Terry Maple, Tracey Tuberville, Turtle Conservation Fund, Virginia Aquarium, Virginia Salzman, Virginia Zoo, Walde Research and Environmental Consulting, Wildlife Conservation Society, Wildlife World Zoo, Woodland Park and Zoo Atlanta.