Joel Sartore Visits TSA India

by Heather Lowe 


Acclaimed photographer, Joel Sartore recently visited TSA project site Kukrail Gharial Rehabilitation Center (KGRC) in Lucknow, India. Joel was there to work on his biodiversity project, Photo Ark. To date, Joel has photographed almost 4,200 species with the goal of raising public awareness of animals at risk. Prior to his visit to KGRC Joel had documented all crocodilian species except for the gharial (Gavialis gangeticus). With the help of TSA staff in the region, he was able to secure the necessary permits and arrange for the gharial photo shoot. While he was at the KGRC he was also able to photograph additional species for his project such as Batagur kachuga, Nilssonia hurum, Nilssonia gangetica and Chitra indica. To learn more about Joel Sartore and his Photo Ark check out his website.