National Hicatee Day!

Belize Foundation for Research and Environmental Education (BFREE) and the newly established Hicatee Awareness Month Committee invite you to join us in celebrating National Hicatee Day, the focal awareness day of the fourth annual Hicatee Awareness Month! Through October, we invite turtle-lovers everywhere to put on capes and transform into Hicatee HeroesTogether we have one task – to save the critically endangered Hicatee turtle.

Thanks to the hard work of a committee of talented artists and committed conservationists, we created ALL NEW MATERIALS for this year’s Hicatee Awareness Month featuring a new mascot Mr. Hicatee designed by Belizario Gian Carballo. Materials include songs, videos, games, and activities that are fun and educational for all ages. We are also re-sharing some of the materials that have been favorites in the past. With Covid-19 restrictions in mind, we have created all virtual activities so that even those stuck at home can participate. Materials have been emailed to every principal we have contact information for in Belize and are available online. Daily posts on BFREE social media are being made to encourage interest and participation.

Tom Pop is a real Hicatee Hero!

One of the centerpieces for this month's outreach is a fun, fresh Belizean Kriol sing-a-long celebrating the Hicatee turtle - Belize's National Treasure. Created by BFREE Science and Education Fellow, Jonathan Dubon, and Ike Phillips, and produced by Janskii, this two and half minute song is a conversation between Damien and Mr. Hicatee. Damien is a human who wants to learn more about the problems that Mr. Hicatee encounters in his daily life and how he can help. 

A male Central American River Turtle or Hicatee displays its beautiful orange-capped head.

Expect more activities, images, and videos; including the special release for TODAY, October 17, National Hicatee Day!

Hicatee Awareness Month was established in 2017 by BFREE in partnership with the Turtle Survival Alliance. This year's activities were made possible thanks to funding by Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo and their Quarters for Conservation program.  Finally, we would like to recognize the members of the Hicatee Awareness Month Committee: Abigail Parham-Garbutt, Belizario Gian Carballo, Monique Vernon, Jonathan Dubon, Nelly Cadle, Tyler Sanville and Heather Barrett.


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