People Make the Difference!

by Jordan Gray 

If humans are the problem for the tortoises and turtles of the earth, humans must also be the solution! As human-created pressures continue to mount for the well over 400 species and subspecies of tortoises and turtles on this planet, it takes incredible people to make a difference.

Here in Madagascar, many of those incredible people have answered the call to provide aid for the nearly 10,000 Radiated Tortoises (Astrochelys radiata) seized from wildlife traffickers on April 10, 2018. From veterinarians to construction specialists; animal care technicians to transportation personnel, the people on the ground in Madagascar have come together with a singular mission: to save the lives of these tortoises and provide a continued future for them in their home country. With this mission in focus, the tireless efforts of these people have saved the lives of thousands of these iconic and critically endangered tortoises! Additionally, countless individuals and organizations have stepped up to provide monetary donations and in-kind giving. The hands-on aid and charitable contributions will directly support a better future for these tortoises in Madagascar! 

Photo credits: Jordan Gray