Renovations Completed in India

by Heather Lowe 

The TSA India team has been hard at work at the Kukrail Gharial and Turtle Center in Lucknow. Renovations were recently completed on two different enclosures, to better accomodate the turtles that are managed there. An old, unused aviary was divided into multiple sections, one of which will hold tortoises, while the other side will provide a home for pythons.

Another renovated enclosure now houses eighteen juvenile Chitra softshells (right). In that same area, a large group of confiscated Spotted Pond Turtles (Geoclemys hamiltoni) were transferred into a new pond (below), where they will live until they are released in the near future. 

Kudos to Arunima Singh and Dr. Disha Sharma, who oversaw the project.