Species Spotlight! Asian Giant Tortoise!

Happy #ArborDay!

I think we can all agree that we love trees! You know who else loves trees? Asian Giant Tortoises! The stars of today’s Species Spotlight! They need large tracts of old-growth forests to live the good life in wild populations!

Common name: Asian Giant Tortoise

Scientific name: Manouria emys phayrei

Countries of origin: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand

Habitat: Mountainous evergreen forests

Threats: Habitat destruction, and collection for local consumption and foreign pet and meat trades

Wild Population: Decreasing

Conservation: Captive breeding and assurance colonies; reintroduction efforts; field surveys; protected in India, Myanmar, and Thailand; CITES Appendix II

Help care for the Asian Giant Tortoises at the Turtle Survival Center today! https://give.turtlesurvival.org/2023-Turtle-Month-SM

Graphic: Jordan Gray

Turtle Photo: Scott Trageser

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