Species Spotlight! Chinese Stripe-necked Turtle!

Be honest. You can’t stop looking at the pinstripes can you?

Today’s Species Spotlight is all about the Chinese Stripe-necked Turtle! This Critically Endangered critter deserves our help! You can support the population at the Turtle Survival Center today by donating here:
Common name: Chinese Stripe-necked Turtle

Scientific name: Mauremys sinensis

Countries of origin: China, Taiwan, Vietnam

Habitat: Still to slow-moving lowland waterbodies

Threats: Habitat destruction and degradation; collection for the food and pet trades; genetic pollution through large-scale breeding operations; not protected in Taiwan or Vietnam

Wild Population: Decreasing; estimated population reduction greater than 80% in the past 20 years

Conservation: Captive breeding colonies; protected in the wild in China; CITES Appendix III (China)

Graphic: Jordan Gray
Turtle Photos: Licensed

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