Species Spotlight! Forsten's Tortoise!

Hailing from Sulawesi, these handsome little tortoises are feisty, full of character, and critically endangered. Your support ensures this species survives into the future! Donate today! https://give.turtlesurvival.org/2023-Turtle-Month-SM

Common name: Forsten’s Tortoise

Scientific name: Indotestudo forstenii

Countries of origin: Indonesia (Sulawesi)

Habitat: Dry and moist secondary forests

Threats: Habitat destruction and degradation; collection for the pet trade; not listed as a protected species in Indonesia

Wild Population: Decreasing; intensively hunted for the pet trade
Conservation: Captive breeding and assurance colonies; field surveys and monitoring; decreasing export quota; CITES Appendix II

Graphic: Jordan Gray
Turtle Photos: Jordan Gray; Michel Gunther/Minden Pictures

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