Species Spotlight! Four-eyed Turtle!

The Fourth is Strong With This One!

Sacalia quadriocellata even sounds like the name of an obscure Jedi Master. Could be that no one feels like they can sneak up on this Force Sensitive Four-eyed Turtle, or maybe, for Four-eyed’s, those extra eye-spots just look really attractive!
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Common name: Four-eyed Turtle

Scientific name: Sacalia quadriocellata

Countries of origin: China, Laos, Vietnam

Habitat: Hill streams and brooks in tropical and subtropical evergreen forests
Threats: Habitat destruction, degradation, and alteration; intense collection for the pet trade

Wild Population: Decreasing; estimated population reduction greater than 90%; majority now reside in protected areas

Conservation: Captive breeding; reintroduction projects; field surveys; protected in the wild in Hong Kong and China; trade highly restricted and regulated in Vietnam; CITES Appendix II

Graphic: Jordan Gray
Turtle Photo: Cris Hagen, WCS Bronx Zoo

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