Species Spotlight! Indochinese Box Turtle!

Also known as the Flowerback Box Turtle, the glorious galbinifrons is a member of the Cuora genus, the Asian box turtles. This seriously stunning species is Critically Endangered and are important residents of our Turtle Survival Center. Support their care today here- https://give.turtlesurvival.org/2023-Turtle-Month-SM

Common name: Indochinese Box Turtle

Scientific name: Cuora galbinifrons

Countries of origin: China, Laos, Vietnam

Habitat: Tropical and subtropical upland, moist, closed-canopy forests

Threats: Collection for the pet and food trades; habitat destruction

Wild Population: Decreasing; estimated population reduction greater than 90%

Conservation: Captive breeding and assurance colonies; field surveys; protected in the wild in China, Laos, and Vietnam; CITES Appendix II

Graphic: Jordan Gray
Turtle Photos: Jordan Gray, Cris Hagen

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