Species Spotlight! Spotted Turtle!

Celebrate #InternationalAstronomyDay with the Spotted Turtle, the starry night sky of the turtle world, and today's Species Spotlight!

Did you know that native Spotted Turtles find refuge in shallow wetlands on the grounds of our Turtle Survival Center in South Carolina? You can indirectly help them by donating to our Turtle Month campaign! Your support today will help ensure the longevity of the world-class facility that is the Turtle Survival Center and its grounds. https://give.turtlesurvival.org/2023-Turtle-Month-SM

Common name:
Spotted Turtle

Scientific name: Clemmys guttata

Countries of origin: United States of America

Habitat: Swamps, marshes, small, slow-moving streams, temporary wetlands, forested floodplains, and wet meadows

Threats: Habitat destruction, alteration, and fragmentation; collection for the pet trade; road and railroad mortality; increased predation by mammalian predators

Wild Population: Decreasing; most populations are relatively small and thus sensitive to localized extinction; distribution is localized to preferred habitats

Conservation: Captive breeding; reintroduction programs; field surveys and monitoring; protected at the state level throughout its range in the United States; federally protected in Canada; CITES Appendix II

Graphic: Jordan Gray
Turtle Photo: Mike Graziano

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