Species Spotlight Vol. 1

Podocnemis lewyana v01 cc
Podocnemis lewyana Photo courtesy of Natalia Gallego Garcia
Jordan Gray 

TSA Species Spotlight
Magdalena River turtle (Podocnemis lewyana)

Country of Origin: Colombia, South America (endemic)

IUCN Status: Critically Endangered

Estimated surviving population: Unknown/Declining

Habitat: Turbid rivers and their tributaries of the Sinu, San Jorge, Cauca and Magdalena River drainages

Size: Females ‚⧠46 cm, Males ‚⧠32 cm

Factoid: This is the only Podocnemid turtle to naturally occur west of the Andes Mountains

Greatest Threats: River damming, pollution, and poaching of eggs and adult turtles

How you can help: The TSA is supporting community-based conservation efforts  to mitigate the loss of nests due to flooding along the Sinu River in Colombia. To support these efforts please donate at www.turtlesurvival.org/donate