Species Spotlight! Yellow-bellied Slider!

#turtletuesday Twofer: Part 1

The Yellow-bellied Slider is arguably one of the most common turtles found in South Carolina, and they find refuge in wetlands on and around the grounds of our Turtle Survival Center. You can indirectly help them by donating to our Turtle Month campaign! Your support today will help ensure the longevity of the world-class facility that is the Turtle Survival Center and its grounds! https://give.turtlesurvival.org/2023-Turtle-Month-SM

Common name: Yellow-bellied Slider

Scientific name: Trachemys scripta scripta

Countries of origin: United States of America

Habitat: Most freshwater body types, as well as brackish tidal creeks and marshes

Threats: Habitat destruction, fragmentation, and alteration; collection for personal and commercial use; road mortality; incidental drownings and capture in fishing gear

Wild Population: Likely increasing; well-adapted to altered or man-made environments; increasing in many areas due to the release of animals from the pet trade

Conservation: Personal and commercial take regulated at the state level in the United States; field surveys and population monitoring

Graphic: Jordan Gray
Turtle Photos: Jordan Gray; Licensed

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