Species Spotlight! Yellow-margined Box Turtle

Today begins Turtle Survival Alliance’s Turtle Month!

For the next month, from today, April 22nd, to May 23rd, we are highlighting the 25 endangered species managed at our Turtle Survival Center, as well as the 8 native species that find refuge on our 51-acre property in South Carolina.

Today, meet the Yellow-margined Box Turtle (Cuora flavomarginata), a Critically Endangered species from China, Japan, and Taiwan.

Common name: Yellow-margined Box Turtle

Scientific name: Cuora flavomarginata

Countries of origin: China, Japan (Ryukyu Islands), Taiwan

Habitat: Tropical and subtropical moist evergreen forests and lowlands

Threats: Habitat destruction and collection for the pet, food, and medicinal trades

Wild Population: Decreasing; mainland Chinese populations are decreasing more rapidly than the populations on Taiwan and the Ryukyu Islands of Japan

Conservation: Captive breeding and assurance colonies; field surveys; protected in the wild in China; Japan, and Taiwan; CITES Appendix II

You can help us care for the Yellow-margined Box Turtles at our Turtle Survival Center by donating to our Turtle Month campaign today!

Graphic: Jordan Gray
Photos: Licensed & Steven Ives

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