Stocking up on School Supplies

by Heather Lowe

schoolRick Hudson (TSA President) is currently traveling in Madagascar with TSA Members Christina Castellano (The Orianne Society) and Michael Ogle (Knoxville Zoo). Part of their mission is to deliver supplies to the brand new school in Antsakoamasy. (For more on the school and its construction, click here.) We were very pleasantly surprised by the excitement and generosity that this project has generated among our members and supporters. Special thanks to Bob Blome, who provided a variety of school supplies and a large world map for the school.

Additionally, the Knoxville Zoo ran a short, but very successful fundraising campaign to purchase furniture and supplies for the school. Far exceeding their original goal of $2,000, their campaign raised more than $3,100 that is being used to purchase equipment and supplies in Madagascar that will fully outfit the school for its grand opening. Special thanks to Bob Krause, Beverly Abele, Jim and Marie Vina, Valerie Doyle, Stephen Hall, Elizabeth Wasserman, Bob Blome, David Shapiro, Colette Adams and all of the other donors that made this campaign such a success. Your generosity will make a meaningful impact in the lives of the children of Antsakoamasy and for radiated tortoise conservation.