Thank you for supporting the TSA!

by Heather Lowe 

The New Year is officially here and it’s time for us to say THANK YOU!  In early December, we presented you with a challenge from our Board of Directors and the Andrew Sabin Family Foundation.  Their generous offer was to match (dollar for dollar) any donations that came in prior to December 31, up to $34,000.  The “President’s Challenge” quickly gained steam and another board member upped the ante to $36,500.  Before long, that goal had once again been surpassed with a flurry of donations that ranged in size from $5 to $5,000!

When we went back to the Board on December 28 and told them that their challenge had not only been met, but exceeded, some of them were so thrilled that they offered up additional matching funds, bringing our potential match to $44,000!  We scrambled to spread the word about this new goal and were amazed by the response that we received; you not only stepped up to that last challenge, but once again exceeded it!  In the end, more than $100,000 has been raised for chelonian conservation.

Once again, we are truly humbled by your willingness to invest in the critical conservation work being done by the TSA and its partners around the world. Keep an eye out for our electronic newsletter, website, and Facebook page in the coming year for updates on the many exciting projects that these funds will support for turtles and tortoises globally. Your support is what makes this work possible and we sincerely thank you all for being a part of the Turtle Survival Alliance.IMG_3267