TSA India Announces Staff Member of the Year

by Heather Lowe- 

Santram Nishad1

Congratulations to Mr. Santram Nishad, Field Technician with the TSA India program. Santram has been recognized as the region's Staff Member of the Year, nominated by his peers for his dedication, hard work and thorough knowledge of many riverine turtle species. Santram joined TSA India three years ago as a former turtle poacher during a project supported by the Beneficia Foundation. His accomplishments include participation in a recent survey of the lower Chambal River in which he helped eradicate 14 illegal fishing nets, rescue multiple wild turtles and track six sonic telemetered Red-crowned Roof Turtles (Batagur kachuga).

His outstanding technical skills along with his commitment to protecting turtles and their environment make him a valued member of the team. According to TSA board member Lonnie McCaskill, who has worked with Santram, "[He] is an integral part of most of the field operations for TSA India projects. He is a skilled field person in all respects from logistics to boat operator. He knows and works well with the entire team and works well with the communities where we have programs."