TSA's 10 Ways YOU Can Help Turtles on World Turtle Day®!

1. Help a turtle cross the road! Nesting season has begun and turtles will likely be crossing a road near you. Safely move the turtle to the other side of the road in the direction it was heading.

2. Support or start a local turtle conservation project near you! There are 469 types of turtles and tortoises on Earth and most could use a little help. Local conservation efforts go a long way in saving these animals. Contact us to find out how to help in your area!

3. Don’t purchase wild-caught turtles! Collection of wild turtles and tortoises for pets, food, or other purposes drains wild populations, making population recovery slower than a turtle’s pace.

4. Lock your trash can lid and don’t leave human or pet food outside! These easy food sources attract and help increase populations of predators who also eat turtles and their eggs.

5. Pick up litter in and along the streams, rivers, forests, swamps, or deserts near you! Litter can be hazardous to turtles who may eat or get entrapped/entangled in it. Litter also attracts unwanted predators.

6. Live eco-friendly! Suburban sprawl is a large factor in habitat destruction and the loss of turtle populations. By choosing to live modestly, we can each reduce our footprint on the Earth and its habitats.

7. Reduce, re-use, recycle! The more we utilize what we already have, the less we rely on using nature’s resources. The turtles will thank you.

8. Create a backyard habit! Housing developments take away important turtle and tortoise habitat. Give back to nature by turning your backyard into an oasis for local wildlife.

9. Say it loud, say it proud! Passion is contagious. Don’t be afraid to share your passion for turtles and the Earth. You WILL inspire others.

10. Support the Turtle Survival Alliance's programs across the globe and our mission of “zero turtle extinctions!” SUPPORT TURTLE SURVIVAL TODAY!