Turtle Hatchlings Released in India

by Heather Lowe 

chitra_release_yamuna_oct_2013On August 11, the TSA India team conducted a rescue operation to protect Chitra nests from an island that was at risk of being washed away by a flood in the Yamuna River. The nests were removed and successfully transported to the Garhaita Turtle Survival Centre (GTSC) for incubation. In early October, a total of 123 turtles hatched.

On October 10, a meeting was held with Mr. Suresh Chandra Rajput (Range Forest Officer), to discuss the release of the hatchlings. Based on the results of that meeting, 87 hatchlings were successfully released. The release was held in the presence of Mr. Gurmeet Singh (Wildlife Warden) and a Range Forest Officer. The remaining 36 hatchlings are on hold for a later release, which is being planned along Yamuna River. 

The TSA India team would like to thank Mr. Gurmeet Singh and Mr. Suresh Chandra Rajput for their valuable suggestions and kind support for this conservation initiatives.