Visitors to the TSC in December

by Heather Lowe 

IMG 2055

We'd like to extend a huge thanks to the volunteers from the North Carolina Zoo who helped out recently at the Turtle Survival Center (TSC). With the help of the hard-working Zoo staff, the team was able to make progress on a variety of construction projects, including erecting a chain link fence around a new animal enclosure for increased security.

IMG 2079

They also pitched in with tasks such as cleaning out turtle tubs in the Sulawesi greenhouse and mulching tortoise pens in the quarantine barn. In addition to donating their time and energy, the North Carolina Zoo staff also made another major donation – 60 hibiscus plants!

TSA Chairman of the Board, Patricia Koval also recently paid a visit to the Center. Pat toured the facility and saw first-hand all the progress that has been made in recent months.

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Pat was also presented with a gift from the TSA, a one-of-a-kind ceramic sculpture of a Malayan box turtle (Cuora amboinensis) by artist Mark Muhich. Her passion for turtles and their conservation stems directly from a special relationship with this rare species after having one as a pet many years ago. It is this passion and dedication that makes Pat such a staunch ally in the fight against extinction.