Work Continues at the Turtle Survival Center

by Heather Lowe 

DSC02106Another great group of volunteers joined us at the Turtle Survival Center on the weekend of March 2-3 to help get the facility ready for turtles. It was cold and there was some messy clean up work, but everyone hung in there. Special kudos go out to Luke Wyrwich, Brad Moxley and Steve Nelson who were nonstop workhorses for this event and completed the bulk of the gravel removal. Other projects included cleaning out ponds, removing vegetation along fencelines and adding wire mesh to existing chain link fencing around ponds (to contain future hatchlings).

DSC02096On the following weekend, Cris Hagen (Director of Animal Management) had a team on site removing large trees that stood in the way of new construction, or that posed a fall hazard for greenhouses.  In total, eight pine trees were removed and chipped into mulch. Check out the Turtle Survival Alliance Facebook page for pictures from both events. The next project on the horizon is the completion of the perimeter fence!