Your Support Saves Turtles

We exceeded our end of year fundraising goal with your help. YOU raised over $50,000 to secure the $50,000 match from San Diego Zoo Global & the TSA Board of Directors! That's over 100,000 Turtle Conservation Dollars! Thank you for your generosity.

Read the story below from the Auckland Zoo to see just one of the types of projects your contributions make possible. Your support helps us fulfill our goal of Zero Turtle Extinctions!

-While they were in the area for a workshop, the TSA team also visited a town known as a local turtle poaching hotspot. This might seem strange, but it was for a good reason. ‚ÄúThe team spoke to community members and discussed the issues they have been facing and possible solutions to find some alternative livelihood options,‚Äù  reports Dr. Shailendra Singh, Director of Turtle Survival Alliance in India. These communities where poaching is a significant activity do it because of a lack of other options. They‚Äôre just trying to feed their families, any way they can. It‚Äôs a long term goal, but the TSA hopes to rehabilitate communities like this one, by finding ways for turtles and people to live in peace.- Read the rest of this story from the Auckland Zoo HERE.